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Launch Your GPTs As a Complete SaaS in Minutes

AuthGPTs makes API security simple with a one-time purchase. Implement OAuth2, analytics, and payment systems quickly and easily. A cost-effective Kobble alternative.

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The Smartest Approach to Launching Your SaaS

From GPTs To SaaS: The Complete Toolkit for Your APIs

Explore the features that make AuthGPTs a developer’s first choice.

A Quick Overview

How AuthGPTs works?

1. Instant OAuth Setup

Log in, input your application specifics, and AuthGPTs quickly crafts your OAuth credentials and URLs, streamlining the client creation process.

2. Secure Your API

Easily integrate middleware for robust API security, customizing access and authentication with just a few click

3. Efficient API Management

Set limits and track API usage with AuthGPTs real-time dashboard, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

AuthGPTs in a Nutshell

Saving More Than 125 Working Hours

Integrate payments, manage permissions, and run your OAuth server effortlessly. AuthGPTS empowers you with a one-click solution that puts you in control

OAuth Services

Seamless OAuth Integration

Utilize a robust OAuth services to easily manage authorization URLs, tokens, and scopes directly from your dashboard. Secure and streamline your app’s authentication process without hassle.

Authentication System

Flexible Authentication Solutions

Choose from a variety of authentication methods including Supabase Auth with OTP, Google OAuth, and GitHub OAuth to secure your applications and enhance user trust.

API Protection

Advanced API Security

Protect your APIs with our middleware solutions that validate every request using authorization tokens and user information endpoint, ensuring only legitimate access.

Credit System

Protect your APIs with Quotas

Give your users a head start with a free usage quota.fair credit system ensures they can try features without immediate cost, improving user acquisition and satisfaction.

API Health Monitoring

Real-Time API Health Tracking!

Monitor the status of your endpoints, track which user and application made each call, and maintain optimal performance and reliability of your services.


Comprehensive API Analytics

Access extensive analytics on API usage, observe trends over time, and pinpoint the most engaged endpoints to optimize your application’s performance.

Email Marketing

Engage Your Users with Email

Leverage our email marketing features to send targeted messages and engage effectively with your user base, enhancing user retention and satisfaction.

User Dashboard

Built-in Dashboard for your customers

Give your users access to a comprehensive dashboard where they can track their own usage, see data generated from your APIs, and synchronize seamlessly with your web applications.

AuthGPTs vs Kobble

One-time payment, lifetime benefit—AuthGPTS adheres to OAuth guidelines from OpenAI.

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One-time payment

No Transaction Fees ever!

Self-hosted (full data ownership and control)
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Requests
Custom Domain Included
full developer control
All data synchronized internally
Monetization Supported
Full customization control, (no extra fees)
manage and export member data securely on Your own terms)
full control over event data
Advanced Analytics Provided
Integrated newsletter capabilities
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Includes 5% Transaction Fees

Cloud (vendor-controlled)
Unlimited Users
5M Requests per month
Custom Domain Included
Required for external data sync
Monetization Supported
customization Available, extra fees may apply
Member Export Available
Event Export Available
Advanced Analytics Provided

Frequently asked questions

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